Weekly Message

You leave an impression everywhere you go. It is important to understand that your every thought, action and interaction has an impact on the world around you. When you develop an appreciation of this, you can become more aware of your potential for Good. This, of course, also means that you can have a negative impact on a situation. Do not let this frighten you, let it bring you an awareness that what you do matters. It truly affects the energy field around you. The world is, at the most basic level, a big field of energy.
You cannot control the energy of the world; however, you CAN control your energy field. You can make choices that bring you inner peace. Your inner peace raises your vibration. Your higher vibration radiates outwards to touch those around you which in turn affects those around them and so on. Your decision to cultivate inner peace has an upward spiral effect that truly does make the world a better place.