Good morning, Jesus! I am listening and ready to learn.

Good morning, Connie. Today did not start as you expected. Thank you for creating the time to sit down with me.

You are welcome, dear Teacher.

Today is a time of renewal and growth. Let an old dream come out of hiding and bring it to the light. Take another look at your idea from before. What was the feeling you had in your heart when the idea came into your consciousness? What was your hope for that newborn dream?
Now is the time to look at this dream with new eyes. You are in a different place and time in your life. Does the dream still resonate with you? If so, quietly nurture it for a while in your heartcenter. See how it grows, how it feels.
If it feels right, let it come forth full into your thought. Let that hope and joy that comes with dreams expand into your consciousness. It motivates you to take action, to bring your idea to the planet.
Dreams bring with them the full power of the Universe. When you listen, you know what to do one step at a time.

It is time for me to have the courage to step out with my ‘old’ dream.

It is still your dream, you just made other choices with your life along the way. It is a time of renewal and growth: your dream can be reborn in the Now.

Thank you.