Conversation with Jesus, June 22, 2014

Connie, you are working too hard at this. It is a gift I am giving to you and the world. Let it happen in the now. You can do this. Leave the fear behind. Show up every day and I will supply what is needed for the website.

Thank you, Jesus. I trust you. The fear is not around you, it is about how trustworthy I am.

What would you like to teach us today?

You all are trustworthy. You can be trusted to do what matters to you.  Find what you love and you cannot help but do it. It is the desire of your soul to grow and prosper. Each of you has a natural talent; find it. Each of you has something that makes your heart sing; you lose track of time when you do it. You are lifted right out of yourself when you do it. That is your passion: identify it, play with it, work with it, get better at it, and enjoy it! 

Spending time with what you are passionate about will develop a skill set that you can take to market. It is possible to do what you love to create an income. If you do not need the money, still do it for good. Donate your time and your talents to those who will benefit from your charity. Better yet, you can express what your soul wants to do, make the money and give it to those in need.  

This website is a perfect example. You love to pray, meditate, read, study all things spiritual, conceptualize and to teach. You are so passionate about these things that you do them before and after work. You like computers and you enjoy social media. You did not like to write; however, you were willing to try it when I asked. All of a sudden, with your willingness to write, there was a way to bring all of these things together in a meaningful way that could create an income stream. You had to be willing to remove the block, though. None of this would be happening if you had kept your mind closed about writing.

You, too, are trustworthy.

Thank you.