Good morning, Jesus! I am concerned that I am not feeling enough. In my effort to walk the middle path, I have been very aware of my emotions, most notably the extreme ones, dropping away. This has been a relief in many ways because I feel more balanced and stable in my life. I made a conscious effort to not take things so personally, to think before reacting, and to reign in my emotions and I wonder if I have gone too far. My goal is to love as you loved your fellow man.

First of all, you ARE Love. All living beings are born in the vibration of Love. Life experiences begin to happen that can weigh heavily upon you. They cannot change your fundamental being, your source of Light that is eternal; however, they can slow down the vibration of your physical body. In fact, your physical body vibrates at a much slower rate than your soul – that is how you can be in the earth realm. From here it is matter of how much you let your life experiences slow you down or lift you up.
Everything that happens to you is recorded some way in your mind, heart, or body. You have an energetic body as well as a physical one. The more time you spend ‘in the Light’, the higher your vibration will be. The more time you spend engaged in the darker side of your earth realm, the slower your vibration will be. You make the choices. Decide how you want to live. Choose your thoughts wisely.
Hell is not a place you go after you die; hell is right there on earth. You can create your own hell or you can get drawn into somebody else’s hell if you are not careful with your choices. Remember that you are always at choice. Even if you are in the darkest, dankest, most hellish prison on earth, you still choose your thoughts. Think of how prisoners of war were able to emerge victorious over their captors. Think of how wounded veterans can live a productive life with parts of their bodies blown off. Think of how victims of abuse can overcome their darkest moments to emerge from that hell on earth. These are examples of people that let their light shine guiding them through the darkness.

I am inspired and amazed at the stories of these people who have overcome the worst of situations. They are beacons of hope for others.

Yes, that is why they have to tell their stories. That is why you have to tell your story.

Ok. Can you tell me more about my original question? I know this was part of your answer; I am ready for more.

You are loving as I loved. When you experience unconditional love like you have, it levels the playing field. What it “feels “ like is you have an even flow of love moving through you that “feels” the same for everyone. You have done a great deal of work on detachment, in the best sense of the word. Being detached from human drama is a huge part of your work to be balanced and to walk the middle path. You have consciously made an effort to not judge your neighbor or your enemy.
When you operate in unconditional love, you can feel an outpouring of love for a homeless person as you pass them on the street; you can be overcome with joy as you see a new baby; you can be moved to compassion by the news of a person being decapitated; and you can accept that the person just sentenced to death row is still made of the same stuff you are.

Thank you.