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Recent Daily Messages

  • You Are Loved (7/17/2014) - Daily Message “You are loved. You are loved beyond your wildest dreams. We in the Spirit Realm feel about you like you might feel about a tiny kitten or a frolicking puppy or a newborn colt just getting its legs under it. We adore you in your purest form. We support you as you learn […]
  • Getting What You Need (8/5/2014) - Daily Message “Today’s lesson is about getting what you need, want and desire.  So often humans think they need all this stuff that is marketed to them, especially the first-world types. When what they really want is to feel loved.  At our core, all we really desire is Unconditional Love. The irony of this situation […]
  • Your Purpose: Joy! (8/11/2014) - Daily Message Life is not what you expect it to be. So often you miss the magic because you are busy doing what is expected of you or what you have come to believe is your purpose on the planet. Your main purpose is to express love and joy, to be joy-filled and love-filled. This […]

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