20141016 Good morning, Jesus! By special request, I am asking that we have a conversation today about the ebola virus. I have watched the power of fear attract it to the United States. Due to media coverage being countrywide and worldwide, we have people all over the U.S. very fearful of this virus. There was a time when we would have been blissfully ignorant of a dis-ease a continent away or even a thousand miles away. Our ever-evolving universe brings with it the heavy and the light.

Good morning, Connie. This is all true. I have watched you watch this phenomenon. You have done your personal work to keep your mind clear. What you have not done is pray enough for the world in an intense manner. I know you think you are watching the news to stay current on world events. As soon as you have the basic information, shut off the TV and start praying.
By praying, I mean use your understanding of the power of thought to counterbalance the fear spreading.
By praying, I mean get connected to Divine Mind to have Intelligence and Truth available to you, especially when discussing dis-ease with others and most especially when teaching others of these ideas.
By praying I mean to connect to the Source of Life to download the understanding that Life is eternal.
By praying I mean to see with absolute clarity the Light in every person that is present and eternal.
By praying, I mean to align your mind and heart with Universal Truths. When you get clear about metaphysical truths, the laws that govern ‘above the physical,’ then the truths manifest in the physical – they filter down into your body.
Responsible prayer alters the way you think; it lifts you up to a higher way of thinking. Meaningful prayer realigns you with Universal Truths.
Begging and imploring are powerful forms of prayer when backed by a sincere, love-filled, heart-wrenching request. For example, “please let my child live.” The power of the love of that pleading parent goes right to the Realm of Love.

Now we are talking about intercessory prayers, right? If the prayer goes to the Realm of Love, also known as Heaven, then you guys get the requests.

Yes, we do. Let me be very clear here that every soul makes their own decision about life and death. Even if we are sent the most compelling request for the continuation of life on earth, it may not be the path that the other soul has chosen. You have no idea what the eternal implications are for that soul. You can beg and plead for them to stay ‘alive’ and even if they ‘die’, they will still benefit from your prayers.
The power of those sincere prayers backed with love, respect and purity of intention are not measurable in your world. The energy they send out is immediate and eternal in its impact. Know that your prayers have no limits of time or space.
Use your prayer time to help the world. Use your prayer time to improve yourself by aligning your thoughts with Universal Truths. If you do not pray, or use the word prayer, substitute meditate, or get quiet, or simply think good thoughts. Or re-read the first part of this conversation where there are several ways to expand your awareness about the word prayer.