20131111 Sign of Unity

9:10 am I am here, Jesus, open and willing to do our work.

Thank you for coming today. I know you struggled throughout the night with illness and made a conscientious effort to carve out our time.
Today we will talk about Unity, Unity of Spirit. It is the Great I AM that unites us All. We spring forth from the Energy that is God, the Source, equally and without measure. Each of us is a point of Light from the Great Light that IS. Each of us has the same thing at our core and comes from the same place. There is only One Place from which all Life springs.
The world today is in a heightened place of global conflict. The media makes it possible for us to know of problems on the far side of the globe that were not available in centuries past. Problems remained regional for the most part. There were those times when the Romans pretty much conquered the world as they knew it and later when “the sun never set on the British Empire” but communications were still slow. The average person did not know of what was happening thousands of miles away.
Now, the average person in the Western world, or free world, knows what is happening, hears of it instantly and probably has an opinion about it. When a judgment is made we are involved in the conflict, even if we are not involved as a nation, or a people, or a culture, or a religion. The conflict begins in our consciousness and our hearts. The conflicts will end in our hearts.
We must open our hearts to the fact that we are all one race, the human race: that we are all created equally by the One Great Cause and Creator; that we are unified by the very energetic field that vibrates though us and every living thing on the planet; that we are ONE as a species. We are the one species that can protect all of the other species and life forms.
We are ONE. Let us unite for our one world.

10:12 am