20141124 7:46 am Good morning, Jesus!

Good morning, Connie, you are ready to write.

Yes, sir, I am here to learn something new.

This is the time of year in your country where your culture celebrates the holiday of Thanksgiving. There is much to be thankful for where you live for you are a free people. Many people of the world do not have the luxury of freedom.
Freedom comes in many forms: freedom from fear; freedom from religious discrimination; being free to love the person you choose; being free to walk safely in the streets; being free to express your opinion; being free to earn a living; being able to go to school; being able to feed your family; and being free to live a productive life.
Be grateful for the many freedoms you have.

20141125 Thanksgiving Season, continued 7:25 am

Be grateful for the many freedoms you have living in a democracy. There are many people, even in your country, that are not living a free life due to socio-economic reasons. These citizens are oppressed by poverty, illness, unsafe living conditions, lack of education, or confinement. Even though they have basic rights because they live in a free country, their living conditions do not allow them to experience a safe life.
Many people living in first world countries give charity to less fortunate people in developing nations. Remember that charity in your home country is needed at many levels. It is important to support your fellow citizens in need, too.
Be thankful for your country.

20141126 Thanksgiving Eve 10:42 pm

Jesus, I am tired and ready for bed yet I know you will have some profound words for me and your people for a Thanksgiving Daily Message tomorrow. I am ready to listen.

Dear Connie, Thank you for sitting down to do this tonight when you are so tired. Tired from a wonderful day of holiday preparations. Your family showed you much love today, your mother and your daughter especially.

Yes, I felt loved and honored beyond words.

Being thankful for love is so important. Often it is the ones you love the most that get your worst moments. Show kindness and compassion to those closest to you so they know you appreciate and honor them.
Love of self, love of family, love of friends, love of mankind; it begins with you and radiates outward. Be thankful for love in all of its many aspects and layers and unexpected presentations.
Be thankful for love in all of its glory.

Yes, sir, I am. Thank you for this reminder.

You are welcome, dear one.