Stay true to yourself. Only you can know what that means. Each of you comes into the physical with a seed of possibility, a miracle, a blessing you bring to the planet. Find out what yours is. Some of you know from your earliest human awareness what yours is. Some of you learn as adults what you are meant to do. Some of you are so busy doing what ‘life’ expects of you that you don’t know you can do what your Soul yearns to do. Yes, there is a yearning in there – pay attention to that feeling.
Listen to yourself! Get quiet enough to hear what your heart is telling you. You have to stop the madness, the doings of life, long enough to touch your real self. Your eternal self is calling out to you. Can you hear it over the busy-ness of your life?
Stop! You are only a breath away from the Silence where you can connect to your higher self. Breathe. Listen. Be.