In the light of world events, it is important for all of you to stay centered in your your own place of peace. Yes, there are bloody battles being fought in all parts of the world. Some are more publicized than others. Some are larger than others. All are equally tragic for those that lose loved ones.
Be very careful on how you frame your thoughts.
If you are looking outward to strike out at a group that thinks differently than you, look inward to your own biases first.
If you are criticizing a group of people across the globe for taking territory from others, look to your own country at the gangs fighting over turf in the inner cities.
If you are judging someone else for doing what they think is right, look into your own thoughts on righteousness.
If you are wanting someone else to die or be killed because they are killing others, how does your thinking differ from theirs?
Stay centered in your own place of peace. By doing so, you release judgment, anger, fear and resentment. By doing so, you make room for tolerance, forgiveness, transformation and oneness.
By staying centered in your own place of peace, you will help raise the collective consciousness to a place that makes peace possible.