20140915 10:27 am Good morning, Jesus! I tried getting life things done (exercising, eating, getting ready to teach, cleaning) before writing today. We shall see how it goes.

Since you are so fully committed to our work, I don’t think it matters what time of day you sit down to write. You will get it done at some point because it is what you do now. It is delightful to converse with you and teach you as your mind expands along with your heart. You have made enormous changes in this last year.

I realize that change is my normal state of being. When I use the ideas you teach me in everyday life, it changes my perspective on pretty much everything.

Yes, it is because you are willing to embrace new ideas; you want to expand your consciousness. You also have a deep desire to help mankind. It is the pure desire of your heart to help raise the vibration of man. We know that over here. That is why we are so interested in teaching you. That is why I am your teacher.
I am willing to interact with anyone who desires to know me. I can meet you where you are. You can come to me in the context of your Christian religion, you can come to me as a member of another faith tradition, or you can come to me simply as a Teacher with no religion attached.
There are a countless number of Teachers and Helpers and Ancestors and Saints and Angels here that can communicate with you. There will be one of us that resonates with you. Just ask.
One point of our work up here is to constantly remind you on earth of who you are; where you came from; and where you will return. You are spiritual in nature. You choose to experience earth, to inhabit a physical form, then you continue on in your journey back to where you came from, The Realm of Love.
When you begin to acknowledge your spiritual component, things change in your life. This recognition lights up your spirit, which lifts your thought, which changes your actions. Things look different in life when viewed through a spiritual lens. All of a sudden you realize that you are working with an eternal timeline, not just a human lifetime.
That realization alone will affect how you see everything.

Thank you.