Daily Message

You are working diligently on becoming a better person. Stay in the moment and it will NOT overwhelm you. Stay present with your thoughts so that you bring awareness to the activity of your mind. You can consciously change your mind so that you no longer think one way. Sometimes this requires repeated presentations of the thought until you really have ‘changed your mind’.
Or you can go deeper to examine the belief behind that thought. Many belief systems are ingrained in your experience from birth and exist at the subconscious level so you may have to get quiet and look deeply inside yourself. What is the belief? Is it still true for you?
You can choose to change the belief or go deeper to completely release the old belief system that no longer serves you. When you do this, the emotional charge around the thought releases. If the shift is complete down to the full release of the old belief system, the thought simply ceases to exist in your awareness.
This is powerful work; it brings clarity. With clarity comes peace.