Daily Message

Real prayer means something that matters to you. Real prayer means you feel it in your heart, you see it in your mind and you wish for it with all of your energy.
We need to expand your understanding of the word prayer. A passing emotional thought can be a prayer. A sigh of wishing for something is a prayer. Heartfelt actions can be prayers. You making time every single day to write with me is a prayer. A child practicing piano with the intention of getting better is a prayer. A yogi practicing an asana to go deeper is a prayer. The pure desire of a worker to do his job to the best of his ability is a prayer.
So we can expand your thought about prayer or we can use another term to describe this phenomenon. Prayer has been associated with God, Deities, and religion for millennia. The way we are using the word prayer takes any specific religion out of it so anyone can benefit from prayer.