Daily Message

Begging and imploring are powerful forms of prayer when backed by a sincere, love-filled, heart-wrenching request. For example, “Please let my child live!” The power of the love of that pleading parent goes right to the Realm of Love.
Let me be very clear here that every soul makes their own decision about life and death. Even if we are sent the most compelling request for the continuation of life on earth, it may not be the path that the other soul has chosen. You have no idea what the eternal implications are for that soul. You can beg and plead for them to stay ‘alive’ and even if they ‘die’, they will still benefit from your prayers.
The power of those sincere prayers backed with love, respect and purity of intention are not measurable in your world. The energy they send out is immediate and eternal in its impact. Know that your prayers have no limits of time or space.