This is a time of great turmoil in many hearts and minds. There is a huge disparity of belief systems rocking Europe and the Middle East. Actually, it is happening everywhere because media exposure brings it right into your homes. So the hearts and minds of man are affected everywhere by the energy of a group – any group – believing they have the right to conquer another group.
Do not look outward and point your fingers at a jihadist group in the Middle East without looking inward into your own heart to see if you have the same hatred for them that they have for their enemy. Do not look over an ocean to place blame for the deaths of innocent people on religious fanatics without looking in your own cities to see the senseless deaths of innocent people in your inner city gang wars. Do not judge the behaviors of a people that do not understand democracy and freedom as you do because you have the privilege of living in a democratic country and you truly understand the power of freedom.
Do pray for mankind. Pray for Oneness. Pray for the Light to shine in the darkness of your own heart. Pray for the power of Love and decency to prevail. Pray for the courage to continue praying for your fellow man when you are horrified by their behaviors. Pray for Peace.