Conversation with Jesus

9:25 p.m. Good evening, Jesus. I would be very grateful if we could knock out a daily message. Thank you.

Dear Connie, You don’t ever have to ‘ knock out’ anything. Just get in the present moment and everything you need is available.

Right, that is what you keep trying to teach me. Ok, I will breathe myself into the Silence so we can write.

That’s better, now you are listening. Thank you for being so obedient. You know, if more people would just listen to what their higher self is telling them, they would be much more productive and less stressed. You took 2 deep breathes with the intention of going inward and it took you right to the Silence. Just like that, here we are in conversation.
You can do this so quickly because you have been practicing for years. Our new people can learn it in minutes if they are willing. They can use our suggestions and especially our mediations to get them to the quiet place in their heart. It is from there you can hear your higher self and connect with us.
Please put another meditation on the website, the public part, to help teach our people how to calm their mind. These are great tools to learn how to get to a peaceful place.

Yes, sir, I will do that. It’s a great suggestion.

Learning to go to a peaceful place is so important to leading a productive and meaningful life. The culture in the Western world has many ways to escape life when it gets tough; however, these are not always healthy choices. There is a difference between mindlessly running away from something and intentionally going to a sacred place.
Being able to shut out the world so that you may be in your sacred space is a very useful skill to develop. It is a skill and it can be learned by anyone who desires to find peace. Start with one intentional breath in; hold it; and slowly let it out. You attain peace one breath at a time.

That was really cool how you brought this all together to teach me a lesson and still give me what I need. Thanks!

You are welcome.

Listen to the 5 Minute Meditation