20141030 Peace on earth?

Writing these Peace Meditations has brought up a lot of questions for me. If we are to BE Peace, how are we to take action against inhumane actions and stop atrocities?

You can always insert yourself into a situation that will protect a person from an inhumane action. That is human decency. It may not always have a peaceful outcome, though.

Like with wars? A war is a nation inserting itself into a situation to protect peoples from inhumane actions. It is the same principle only with millions of people instead of one person. How does one purport peace then say we need to kill a bunch of people that are killing other bunches of people?

While having a human experience on the planet, there are tough choices to be made. It is part of the decision you make to incarnate, that you will be experiencing the dark as well as the light while on earth. It is the opposites that highlight each other and bring more meaning. The learning comes from so many situations presented to you: some due to your original reasons for incarnating, some due to the results of your free will choices as you live your life and some due to the times in which you are living.

Ok. Is it possible to answer the war question more directly?

Not really. Man creates these situations of tensions and opposites. Man’s tools for dealing with adversity are not all divine in nature. A single person can purport peace and act accordingly. Many people can group together with their common desire for peace. Even whole nations are peaceful.
You Americans have been regarded as the leaders of the free world and the protectors of the oppressed for generations now which makes it a worldview. Since so many of your citizens have the desire to protect your freedom and promote it worldwide, they are willing to fight for freedom for others to bring “ultimate” peace. Belief systems around war, freedom and peace are deep and powerful for people and for nations.

We wrote all of those meditations for peace. Is it possible to have peace on earth?

It is a noble goal. It is possible when enough people decide that peace is the most important aspect of existence and the power of their collective intent permeates the consciousness of man. It would be the pureness of their desire for peace that would create the powerful rise in consciousness. It would actually lift thought to a higher level.
This is no different than the rise in consciousness after fire was discovered, or the wheel invented, or other continents discovered, or the telescope invented, or landing on the moon. Man is evolving.

Can we evolve to peace?

Yes, anything is possible. As long as man has free will there will be decisions made that affect others. As long as man has free will each person will do what he or she thinks is right based upon his or her personal beliefs. There are a multitude of belief systems on earth that are the foundation of the actions taken by individuals, groups, tribes and nations. Until these belief systems are peaceful ones, or at least ones of coexistence, worldwide peace is a ways away.
It is the work you do for peace that will bring this about sooner rather than later. Each one of you that contributes your energy to peace in a peaceful manner makes a difference. This kind of work is eternal and helps all of mankind. It starts with you and the peace you choose for yourself. That peace radiates outwards and upwards into the collective consciousness of man.

Thank you.