Good morning, Jesus! I just realized that I have been writing and editing this morning without even greeting you. I appreciate the importance and the beauty of our relationship and understand that it is the essence of our work.

You keep saying this, yet you are still not allowing yourself the time nor the energy to connect in a joyful way. The whole process is becoming work related instead of a joyful, eternal connection with me that moves your soul to learn, grow and expand in ways that will benefit you and, in turn, help the planet.
You came to serve: you so much want to help others! You want to help them see the Truth as you understand it thus far. Your comprehension grows every day as you spend time learning with me and as you do your personal work praying, meditating, studying, writing and serving others.
Be kind to yourself. Stay more in the present moment. You are trying to do all of the things you learned at the Writer’s Workshop at once instead of pacing yourself or developing a plan. Because you are so overwhelmed with the amount of work, you are shutting down.
Let the Light in so you can see what you are doing. Let the Light shine into your overwhelm, your perfectionism, your fear so that you may see it for what it is: a human belief; a darkness; a heavy energy; a lie you tell yourself; an illusion; a black-out curtain trying to stop the light from coming in; an excuse to not be who you really are.
Throw back the heavy curtains of human disbelief and see yourself as you really are already shining in the darkness. Be aware. Be present. Let your light shine!

Thank you for this wonderful reminder.