Good morning, Jesus. I am open to your teachings and your wisdom. Today I see Brother ChiSing.

ChiSing is one of our Great Souls whose love for mankind keeps him coming back to earth to continue making it a better place. He, like you, is a teacher who understands the value of educating minds and opening hearts to the Truth. He has done it selflessly this incarnation. ChiSing also is constantly working to expand his soul though earth experience. He knows the value of holding strong to his faith, his ever-evolving belief system.
ChiSing has impacted millions with his kind heart, brilliant mind and sharp wit. It is his willingness to teach through his suffering, to share his journey through his health challenges, that has touched people in a profound way. His openness has offered a glimpse into a life experience that few have to encounter. It has given insight to those who may never have to deal with a health challenge this severe. It has stirred compassion in all who know him. People’s experience with ChiSing’s story has opened their eyes and raised their awareness of others who are sick, of the suffering that happens physically, mentally and emotionally.

I have certainly grown through being involved with ChiSing in this cancer challenge. I have prayed for him seeing him whole and completely healed. I pray to support him on his path, whatever that may be. Prayer is so powerful, we must be mindful of how we pray for others.

Yes, it is powerful. Yes, it brings comfort. Yes, it makes you feel better that you are doing something productive to help a loved one. Your prayer does not transform someone else’s Soul journey. Your prayer brings you closer to God, Spirit, Truth. Your prayer for another is an expression of love for them. Prayer benefits all of mankind because the pureness of the desire to love another is one of the highest vibrating energies there is. And that pure love lifts the vibration of man; it raises the collective consciousness.
Do not underestimate the power of prayer. Even if you do not see the results you desire manifest in the human form, it does not mean that they have not come to fruition in the eternal experience. Not everything that matters is seen in matter. Allow yourself to feel the eternal aspects of yourself and others.
Open your heart to connect to the eternal nature of your fellow man. You are the same and equal at that level.
Open your heart to the place of connection that exists among all living creatures. You are a thread in the web of life.
Open your mind to let this heart-centered understanding become your reality. We are all in this together.

Thank you, Jesus. I am so grateful for your teachings.

You are welcome, dear one. Go forth in Love.