Good morning, Jesus! I am open to hear your teaching today.

You are open and willing to learn. Here is the teaching for today: Thou shalt not judge. Period. Thou shalt not judge others, your neighbors, peoples far away, or yourself.
Judgment is a powerful energy that affects both you and the person you are judging. In fact, it has more power over you and your state of mind than it does theirs. They can choose to ignore you and your opinions. You have to live with yourself and your binding beliefs. So the person most deeply affected by your harsh thoughts is you. That is, unless you lob a missile at them.
Right now we are talking about non-violent situations such as baking cakes and delivering pizzas. You do not have to take someone to court over a food item. You can go to the next baker down the road. Let the free market work. One person is allowed their lifestyle and the other is allowed their religious freedom. Both may keep their dignity. This can happen in a peaceful manner.
If you were in a grocery store looking for a certain brand of mustard and they did not offer it, you would go to the next store in search of your mustard. Perhaps the first store does not have that mustard because it comes from Germany and the owner was held in a German concentration camp. The store owner chooses who they want to support, or not support, with their dollars. You as the customer can choose who to support with your dollars: you can buy a different kind of mustard to keep your business in the same store; or, you can go to other stores to find your desired mustard.
You do not have to judge the store owner for his bias.
The store owner does not have to judge you for your taste in mustard.

I like how you did that with the mustard.

Those that know the reference will appreciate it.

That is a nice parable for a non-violent story. What about the things happening with the wars in the Middle East? There is a lot of violence over there.

There is a lot of violence in your own country. Why are you asking about a different country?


to be continued…