20150101 New Year’s Day

Good morning, Jesus, on this first day of our New Year!

Good morning, Connie. You are on fire with ideas for our work – the energy is palpable! Stay focused on being productive with your time. Do not get distracted by small, meaningless tasks. Use your good hours of the day to get our writings done then do administrative work later in the day. Use your present moments to your greatest advantage – stay engaged. Do not slip into semi-conscious states where you check Facebook or click on every link in your emails. That is addictive behavior to avoid being conscious in the moment. Your point of power is in the present moment.

This is good advice. Is there anything specific, in addition to your words to me, that you want to say to our readers on New Year’s Day?

New Year’s Day is a human construct that provides human energy around the possibility of a new beginning. This benefits many with an opportunity to restart their lives with deeper meaning or with new intentions. The truth of the matter is that every moment offers the very same power as 00:01 on 01/01. It is your thought that makes it so.
Step out in your own power propelled by Spirit. Express your eternal qualities you came to the planet to share. Only you can be who you came to be. Only you can manifest your personal power down through the ages. Make your mark every day with an act of kindness, a show of compassion, a moment of peace, a gift of forgiveness or a prayer for the world.
What you do matters. What you choose to do benefits you, your fellow man and makes the world a better place. Every conscious breath you take filled with love can help raise the awareness of the human race. THAT is power to make a difference.

Thank you. It is always so simple.

Yes, it is. Life is simple when you stay in the present moment. Remember there is a difference between simple and easy. Easy is slipping into a semi-conscious state numbed by earthly distractions. Simple is what comes in the present moment when operating from your higher self connected in Oneness to your fellow man and the universe.

Thank you.

Well, when I started with the intention of writing a New Year’s Day message, I thought I would end this with Happy New Year. After the writings from my dear Teacher today, I think it is appropriate to say Happy New Moment!