A Conversation with Jesus

20141118 7:50 am Good morning, Jesus! I haven’t written in days because Jim is sick. I am finding myself with a loved one in the hospital again. Is there something I am to be learning from this?

Yes, an appreciation of what the Western medical model can do. There are skilled doctors and nurses that excel at their craft. It is learning to respect what they do. You had a lot of disdain for the medical model for many years. You have been completely submerged in it this year.

It really began in 2010 when Jim got so sick. We discovered the Environmental Health Center which was a way of practicing medicine I could embrace. It is a model of personal responsibility in that you remove what is making you sick and shift to a healthy lifestyle. It also purports that our environment is making us sick: the polluted air, water, food supply and airwaves full of EMFs.

This year has offered you an opportunity to develop a deeper level of compassion. You have now seen the system from the point of view of the patient, the loved one of the patient, the energetic practitioner, and the friend. You also got very close to some of the doctors to see their challenges and concerns about practicing medicine. You have a whole new view of the medical system in America. You are seeing this is at a time of great change, too. One system is being eliminated as a new one is being born. It is a time of great struggle and polarizing opinions. Those on the front lines of care must keep doing their job and yet comply with all of the new rules.

And what I have seen is they are doing their jobs to the best of their ability. There is a greater cost of time and money to the doctors and their practices with all of the new regulations. The doctors I know are very stressed about compliance and find themselves working much longer hours to get the paperwork done. Not to mention the cost to their practice with the new computer systems and the training of their staff. It is mind-boggling, really, to think of what changes are expected. There is shift taking place and it is not comfortable for anyone. I give the medical people a lot of credit for offering the best care they can under the circumstances.

This is a whole different view than you had 5 years ago. You are growing and learning through your family’s health challenges. Remember that difficult times are prime times for examining what you believe. Usually it is what you think that is causing your discomfort. Take a deeper look at your thoughts around the difficulty. See if you can let go of any old beliefs that are keeping you in physical or emotional pain. Some of those old, unquestioned beliefs could be stopping your progress.
Healing occurs when you are open to healthy, healing thoughts. Keep your mind and heart open to new ideas coming in that promote growth and healing. Let those new thoughts lift you out of the old place of thinking that created the problem. Let the light come in so that you may see the old beliefs clearly. Let them go with compassion and forgiveness for yourself and for the person or for the institution that instilled them in you. It’s all part of the process: see, release, expand; repeat!

Thank you.

You are welcome, dear one.

9:05 am