Conversation with Jesus on November 13, 2013  

Good morning, Jesus!  I missed our writing time together yesterday although I felt your presence throughout the day.  Thank you for continuing to knock on my door until I answered it!  I am ready and willing to work.

You are welcome, Connie!  It has been a continued effort on my part.  I am glad you finally opened it.


Today is about listening wisely. It has to do with keeping the channel tuned in, the awareness open so you can hear it any time.  I don’t use the word channeling so much anymore because it does not suggest a relationship as much as conversation does.  And truly, you and I are in conversation.

Yes, we are.  I feel free to ask you anything.  Jim has scolded me for talking so much.  He want s me to get down to business by stopping asking questions so you can get your message out and teach me your Truths.

Jim has a valid point in terms of efficiency; however, that is not a conversation in the way I want us to interact. The seeker has so many questions that need answers that this format is a good way to teach a seeker.  Plus it illustrates the fact that I am open to relationships.  It’s not just about people praying to me for a miracle, although I am happy to do that, it is also them knowing that they can pose a question and I will answer them.  Part of the problem with you humans, which you demonstrated beautifully, is that you don’t believe I am here for such a ‘casual’ conversation. And humans don’t know how to listen.

So the two points thus far are: believing that Jesus will actually talk to you, and learning how to listen wisely so you can hear him.

Yes.  I think our writings so far have illustrated the fact that I really do communicate with humans.  Listening is a skill that most humans need to develop. When you were first created you were hard wired into Spirit and could hear communications ‘in your heart’ as clearly as you can now hear sounds with your ears. Sadly, that kind of communication style has diminished over the eons. You present-day humans have to reclaim your ability listen with your heart. Listening with your heart starts by learning how to shut down the constant chatter in the brain, ‘the monkey mind’. Due to the overwhelming amount of raw information that is presented to a person every waking moment you are constantly trying to keep up with the data flow. You are exposed to the information, you have to process it into your experience, assimilate it with your belief systems, make a judgment on it, then decide if you are going to keep it or not. Humans in the modern world of television, radio and satellite communications are flooded with information and knowledge that simply was not available a generation ago.  Now we add computers, the Internet, social media, and the rate at which we communicate becomes instant and the amount of information becomes staggering.



The rate at which we communicate – this is significant. In the old days you might sit around a fire to chat and extend your day but, for the most part, when the sun went down you crawled into your cave and went to sleep.  When the sun came up, you got up. Now you are wired all the time.  It is difficult to shut down the information flow to allow yourself to commune with the Divine, or even with yourself or your family for that matter. Even though we call this communication, this information onslaught is actually creating more isolation for humans. You isolate yourself to view it, to read it, you are alone with a computer even though you are communicating via social media.  It is a whole new age with a whole new set of challenges.



One tried and true answer for man of every age has been to get quiet, to separate oneself from the ‘roar of the crowd’. This can be done deliberately with prayer and/or meditation. This can even be done in the midst of the crowd. One learns to go inside, into one’s closet, for comfort and solitude.  This solitude is much different than the isolating effects of being plugged into your computer. You are unplugging yourself from the digital world and plugging yourself into a higher place. This higher place is calm, peaceful, full of your ancestors, saints and angels, and home to your higher self. You get there in silence. You have to close the door on all around you, behind you as you enter into your sacred space to commune with the Divine.