This is a time of the Light revealing the dark actions of man. A festering wound must be cleansed to heal. The light does dispel darkness. One benefit of the media is that, regardless of the way the story is told, there are pictures that speak volumes. The world has images that are worth a 1000 words showing man’s inhumanity to man.
It is impossible to see these photographs and videos of death and destruction and not have a reaction of some sort. Become aware of your reaction. Is it one of fear, of disgust, of compassion, of sadness? How do you want to take action?
The light shines on all things equally. Not only is this time of turmoil bringing awareness to the actions of man, it gives you an opportunity to look at yourself. It is bringing light to your personal thoughts and actions as well as your reactions to what is happening.
Be aware. What is the light revealing in your life?