Daily Message

There are certain lessons that come with the human experience. At some point you all get to deal with them. Often you come across the same concept at a deeper level. Just because you came across it once and ‘dealt with it’ doesn’t mean you got the whole lesson. Sometimes you find yourself coping with similar feelings towards multiple people. Now there’s a sign you have some work to do – it is showing up in different situations so you can see that the common denominator is you!
Be willing to see yourself as clearly as possible. Open your heart to listen to what your higher self is telling you. Pay attention to your instinct and gut feelings. They are coming from the most objective part of you, your higher self, the part of you connected to the Light. As you become more fluent in this language of the heartcenter you will benefit from the eternal wisdom available to you.
There is so much to learn! Open your mind and your heart to the possibilities of living from your soul.