Dear Ones,

Do not despair for the things that are eternal are still available to you. The love of your family members is alive and intact whether they are here with you in the earth realm or in the celestial realm. Whether you can see them or not in either realm, you can feel them, communicate with them, love them, support them, and receive their guidance and protection. 

Communication from the heart transcends all time and space. You know this but you forget.  Just as you can hear their voices over a phone line with your ears, you can hear their voices in your heart center. 

The Energies of Love, Joy, Connection, Peace, and Gratitude vibrate throughout the dimensions. Send and receive these frequencies, these messages, to your friends and loved ones no matter where they are. Send these messages to your fellow man, too.  Send them to humanity because your Energy of Love vibrates higher than their energy of fear. Therefore, you can affect the vibration of Humanity with your Love, Peace, and Gratitude. Send it out! Hold the space filled with Goodness for humankind to weather this storm. 

It has never been more apparent how connected you are as a race, the human race, than now. This virus has spread across the globe irrespective of color, age, nationality, religion, economic status, or profession transferring to humans equally and blindly.

What will be left in the end is what matters most and has always been available to you:

  • Your Mother Earth as a place to live,
  • the basic Goodness of humankind,
  • the unconditional Love of the Creative Force,
  • the impartial Intelligence of the Universe that keeps Life unfolding and evolving,
  • the Joy that comes naturally when you let it,
  • and the Gratitude that will permeate the human race on the other side of the crisis.