Let’s start a Holy Week conversation. I am pretty sure our readers would like to hear what you have to say about your life as Palm Sunday is approaching.

Our work does not have to cover all of the religious holidays specifically because the churches do that so beautifully. Each one in their own language, with their own community and with their set of beliefs can celebrate together in the most meaningful way for them. We cannot stay focused on teaching the pure, Universal Truths if our language has to conform to certain belief systems, religious structures, or centuries of doctrine created along one line of thinking.
I will say that my life as Jesus was full of challenging choices that forced me to grow preparing me for my ultimate job of overcoming the human belief of death. It was not my job to start a church. Others did that after me. It was my job to set an example of what was possible with my life.
I lived a life demonstrating the power of being connected to Source, God, the Universe, Divine Intelligence. That resulted in my teachings of peace, inclusion, gratitude. acceptance, forgiveness, humility, healing and transformation. Living my life from those Truths allowed the awareness to pour in through my consciousness and the miracles to manifest in my experience. There were miracles of physical healings, supply, mental healings, abundance, raising the dead, calming the storm, and overcoming death in the tomb.
Let all know that what I did is possible for them. It is a matter of intention, choices, focus, moral fortitude and understanding that you are an eternal being.

Would you list some Universal Truths for me, please?

Love; Unconditional Love.
Respect; respect for all forms of Life.
Truth, the Truth of Being: we are eternal beings; we are Spiritual in nature.
There is an eternal part of you that is connected to Divine Intelligence.
There is an Intelligence that holds the Universe together.
There is a LifeForce that permeates the Universe as you know it.
Forgiveness. Forgiveness heals. Forgiveness sets you free.

Thank you.