Conversation with Jesus on August 22, 2014

Good morning, Jesus!  I am ready and willing to listen.

Connie, Today is a big day for your parents and especially for your Dad. Be prepared to help them process whatever news they get from the neurological team.  It is going to be a change for them and your Dad is not going to like it.

Thank you for that preparation. I will stay open to your guidance. I am really struggling with being kind and compassionate with medical professionals when mistakes continue to happen.  Big mistakes. Small mistakes. Stupid mistakes. This situation is challenging me constantly. Trying to be Dad’s advocate in this medical system is a full-time job. Sometimes I get frustrated and get short with people. They are just people. Except they hurt my Dad. Badly. Perhaps permanently.

You have already answered your own question: they are just people. People make mistakes no matter how well meaning they are. The medical system in your country is in a state of transition that could last a long time. There are no good answers right now. You, however, must be kind to others, period. Figure out how to do that even if you are angry or frustrated or heart-broken.
Your country has given a lot of power to the Western Medical Model as a system of healing. Certain generations of people tend to treat medical professionals as if they are in a different class. It has put a lot of pressure on doctors and nurses and therapists to heal others without a lot of help or personal responsibility from the patient. The sick person must take full responsibility for their current state and use all methods of healing arts available to heal themselves. It’s an inside job. Yes, I keep saying that. 
You all would benefit from taking a long look at the choices you are making now and the ones you have made throughout your lifetime to see what has brought you to this point. It is critical to honestly access your lifestyle choices, belief systems, thought patterns, and interactions with others to see how you have become the person you are.
Healing happens at many levels; the physical is only one. Often a physical healing is preceded by a healing at the mental, emotional or spiritual levels. These all take a willingness on your part to look deeply into yourself and become aware of what you can change for the better. Many people think making a healthy choice means to eat nutritious food.  It also means you can make healthy choices in what you feed your mind, how you tend your heart, and when you spend time with your soul.
Every healthy choice you make in any of these areas affects your life in a positive way. It then brings a better you to your interactions with others which in turn has a beneficial effect outward into the world.