Daily Message

Any health challenge, whether it is yours or a loved one’s, offers an opportunity to learn and grow. Remember that difficult times are prime times for examining what you believe. Usually it is what you think that is causing your discomfort. Take a deeper look at your thoughts around the difficulty. See if you can let go of any old beliefs that are keeping you in physical or emotional pain. Some of those old, unquestioned beliefs could be stopping your progress.
Healing occurs when you are open to healthy, healing thoughts. Keep your mind and heart open to new ideas coming in that promote growth and healing. Let those new thoughts lift you out of the old place of thinking that created the problem. Let the light come in so that you may see the old beliefs clearly. Let them go with compassion and forgiveness for yourself and for the person or the institution that instilled them in you. It’s all part of the learning process: see, release, expand; repeat!