Good morning, Jesus! I am here full of thanks.

Yes, you are a very grateful person. The power of gratitude is eternal, it goes far behind this body and this realm. Gratitude extends out in a wave of energy that transcends time and space. It is a Universal Principle, one of the pure forms of energy that is ever present. It flows freely from realm to realm, from one life to the next and from one person to another. Gratitude has power beyond your human imaginings.

Deepak Chopra and Oprah are offering a meditation course on Gratitude and Grace right now that I am taking. They are speaking to how gratitude brings grace.

Yes, many things evoke grace. Gratitude is one of them that is easily understood, experienced and expressed by humans. Even in a bad moment, one can say thank you. It is the seeing past yourself to thank another. It is the expression acknowledging someone else for a deed done. it is the feeling of gratitude that swells in your heart when you realize that you have been given something of meaning or value.
The expression of gratitude starts in the very young by teaching them to say please and thank you. As they grow, feelings start to be associated with these words. It is the feeling that creates the energy, the e-motion. This starts the process of give-and-receive, of attracting grace, of the circle of love. It is a cycle of goodness creating more and attracting more goodness.
Each one of the Universal Principles has the same amount of power as Gratitude. Choose to feel Compassion and notice how that changes the way you see your world. Choose to be non judgmental and see how your interactions with others expand. Choose to live in a state of Forgiveness and see that it sets you free.