Message from Jesus on December 3, 2013

“Today’s lesson is about getting what you need, want and desire.  So often humans think they need all this stuff that is marketed to them, especially the first-world types. When what they really want is to feel loved.  At our core, all we really desire is Unconditional Love. The irony of this situation is that what we really need is already in place because at our core we ARE Unconditional Love. We are the offspring of God, the fount of Eternal Energy that is Love. Our Source is the One Soul that can only love us, as we are the human expression of Its Eternal Love. 


There have been centuries of misinformation about God and Me that were developed for various reasons. What matters now is that we get back to the heart of The Message which is Love.


What if the only reason you are on the planet is to express love? What if all you had to do was learn how to love unconditionally? What if your purpose was to find the Love at your core? And acknowledge the Love in everyone else’s core? What if it was that simple?”