Daily Message

Expressing gratitude is critical to a soul that is evolving. You can be grateful to God, to Me, to heavenly entities, to friends, to Mother Earth, to loved ones, to the vibration of Source, to the Buddha, to Allah, to the gods, to the Universe… There is no end to the list of belief systems for which man has looked up to ‘others’ to act on his behalf.
What you need to understand is that it is the sheer expression of gratitude that is what matters. It is not ‘to whom’ you are grateful; it is, quite simply, the grateful feeling in your heart that carries the power.
We in the Realm of Love are not here to be worshipped by you, although we appreciate your attention and requests and thanks. We are here to help you whenever you ask on the biggest or the smallest matters in your life. However, it is you that must take the personal responsibility for your thoughts and actions. It is you that makes the choice to align with universal principles such as kindness, compassion, and respect. When you make these choices, your life changes for the better because you are choosing to align with the power of the Universe.
It is you that must express the Goodness that is who you are.