20140913 Examine My Beliefs

Good morning, Jesus! I am so happy to be working with you getting the message of peace, tolerance, acceptance, and non-judgment out. I have really had to change my way of thinking on many of these fronts. I thought I was accepting and tolerant before and I find that I am not at a very deep level. The thoughts are subtle at these deep levels and it takes courage to examine the beliefs behind the discrimination.

Connie, you are brave at so many levels. You are willing to look right into your heart to see what is not pure and eradicate it. This takes a tremendous amount of honesty to really ‘see’ your behaviors in an objective light. It also takes a ton of courage to admit you are ‘wrong’ about something. In this steady process of personal evolution, it is not so much you being wrong, as it is you having a deeper awareness of a situation that suggests a different response from you. That response can be one of acceptance, non-judgment or even just choosing to not be attached to an outcome.

This is easy to talk about and difficult to put into action. I am amazed at how often I think I have ‘healed’ an old belief and something pops out of my mouth that is not appropriate and completely startles me. Goodness, that is embarrassing!

Yes, it is, especially when you are making such a concerted effort to eradicate old beliefs that no longer express who you are now. Keep at it, though, because every step forward is advancement upward. You are actually raising your awareness and your vibration with that heightened awareness. Work like this helps everybody: it brings clarity to you; it increases your light; your more intense light affects those around you; and it helps the world because one more person is bringing an advancing awareness to the collective consciousness.
Keep up the good work. It matters.

Thank you, Teacher, I am.

You are welcome.