Good morning, Jesus. I am here. My prayer work is done and I am ready to listen.

Thank you Connie, for showing up. That is so important.
It is the willingness to show up that begins the change, the magic. If people could understand that transformation is that simple! It is the opening of the heart, the thought of healing, the hope of something better that gets it started. It only takes a crack to let light in! You have seen that – a sliver of light pouring in through an imperceptible crack in a doorway. The light is there. Can you imagine how much light will burst forth if you actually open the door!
What door do you need to open? Do you want to open the door to healing? Maybe your current medical belief system does not believe you can be healed. Be willing to open the door of your mind and heart to the Light. Let the Light guide you to other healing modalities that have different sets of beliefs. Let your hope grow – it does well in the Light.
Do you need to open the door to forgiveness? Just the tiniest bit of Love can heal the deepest of wounds. Imagine the healing of your broken heart with a room full of Love and Light bursting forth through that door when you open it. Imagine healing yourself, mending your relationships and having more light left over to pray for others!
Is it time to open the door for compassion? We talk of having compassion for others. You need to have compassion for yourself, too. Take it easy on yourself! You chose to have a human form and to walk on the planet. Here you are learning, growing and expanding. Be kind to yourself in the process. Be kind to others, too. You have no idea what they are going through. You don’t get to judge them any more than you want them judging you.
Be willing. If you are in pain physically, mentally or emotionally, be willing to change. Don’t stay stuck in the dark place of pain. Ask for help; knock on the door; be open to the Light. Be willing to show up to transform your life.

Thank you.