On May 16th I found out that a dear friend was gravely ill. As I was praying for him, this message from Jesus came in. I emailed it to Jon, receiving the response, “What a glorious message!”

He crossed over 2 weeks later. His family has given permission for me to post this letter.

Dearest Jon,
We joyously await your presence on this side. There is much merrymaking and cheering going on here now that we know you are ready to join us. The biggest cheerleader is Carol, of course. She has loved you so much from here and wants to share it all with you.
Those in the EarthPlane will miss you yet they know you are going home. You have been able to communicate your beliefs to them enough that they truly understand you are simply stepping into the next stage of your eternal life. We like to call it The Realm of Love. Perhaps sharing that with your family staying behind will bring them peace.
I know you have no fear. If the pain gets too much, call on one of us to help you lighten your load. You can call on any Celestial Being that comes to mind: angels, archangels, saints, Jesus, Mary of Magdala, Buddha, and any ancestors. The truth is that you do not feel the pain the same as you commune with us because the energy of the communication brings you closer to our dimension. It ‘lifts’ you out of the density of your body.
Come on over when you are ready. You do get to make the choice and pick the time. We are aware that you are making this as easy as possible on your loved ones there. Let them know that you will still have contact with them from the Realm of Love. Tell them that they can call out to you anytime and you will hear them.
Just as we have heard you.
Your Elder Brother,