I just received a prayer request for someone experiencing a difficult and dramatic day at work who is being threatened and accused of things that are not true. How can I best pray for this person in an emotionally charged situation?

Pray that Light is flooding into the place of work. Pray that the light will shine in all of the corners eradicating the darkness. See that the Light shines on the people, the workplace and the situation exposing what needs to be seen. When people can see what has happened, they often can see their mistake as well as the Truth as it presents for this situation.
Pray that the people involved are willing to learn from their actions and those of others. In a difficult and dramatic situation there is truth (along with the drama) coming from all that are participating. Pray that each person can see where they can improve their own behaviors.
Pray for a resolution where all get an appropriate, meaningful experience so they may learn and grow from the situation.
Pray for a harmonious and peaceful resolution.

Thank you.