6:36 am Good morning, Jesus. As I take a deep breath in to quiet my mind and center my attention on you, a peace flows through me. It is a lovely feeling of calm and tranquility that make the things of human life fall away. Thank you for that vibration, for this opportunity to ascend out of the busy-ness of life into the connection with you, through my higher self.

You do the work, Connie. I am here existing at this vibration, it is the vibration of the Christ consciousness that you are feeling. It is available for anyone that is willing to do the work. There is no magic to it; the Christ Consciousness exists. It is the pure stream of Goodness of the One Mind, God.
It is accessible from the human realm. It is why I came to the planet as Jesus, to demonstrate that man can access the Christ Consciousness, the Divine Intelligence Stream. I am not or was not the only person that could do this. I am one that chose to completely live in it to see where it would take me. I trusted so completely in the Connection that I listened and acted from this Divine Perspective. I used my free will to actually listen and act in accordance with my Higher Self and my Divine Mission.
I came to the planet as a teacher. I left as a Teacher.
I incarnated as a man in the Jewish faith at a time when the Jewish people were under the control of the Romans. It was a time that women and children had no rights. It was a time that the Jewish people wanted to be “saved” from the oppression of the Roman government. What I brought was a way for people to be “saved” from themselves and from the plight of being human.
I brought a whole new way of looking at life. I demonstrated it by the way I chose to live from my heartcenter. I took time to commune with God, with my Higher Self, with Nature, with the Christ Consciousness. I made it a priority to pray, to spend time apart from the human comings and goings, so that I could ‘lift myself out’ of the heavy human beliefs. I chose to live from the place of Divinity within me, the connection of my Higher Self to the One Self. It took a concerted effort to keep this communication open and to choose to listen. To choose to act on what I heard took a tremendous amount of courage.

You lived with so much compassion, forgiveness and non-judgment. I am amazed at how much moral courage you had to be challenged at every turn and still stay centered in Truth, no matter what the consequences to your human self.

I knew I had to live from this higher place, from my Higher Self, that was directly connected to God, Source, or I could not live out my mission. I would not have had the courage necessary simply living as a human to carry out my destiny. I needed the ‘heavenly help’ that came to me from this divine connection, the Christ Consciousness. My strength of character that appeared to be super-human came from my clear understanding of the purpose of my life. I had to do what I did to live out prophesy.
My strength was a direct result of the clarity I got living connected to the Christ Consciousness. It wasn’t easy; it was possible because I chose to stay connected. You have this same Intelligence available to you. It has many names and it has been available to all who seek it since the beginning of time.
It is your choice to seek it, find it and use it.

7:55 am