Conversation with Jesus

6:08 am Good Morning, Jesus!

Good morning, Connie. Thank you for showing up this morning. You have lots to do today and could have taken the morning off. Writing for you is now like brushing your teeth. You do it everyday.

Yes, sir. I am open and willing to receive your message.

Thank you, again. I am very grateful for you: your faithfulness, your commitment to getting my message out, your willingness to put yourself “out there”, and your desire to help others. We, on this side, take great notice of humans that have a pure heart, a heart for service. There are many ways to serve. You have quietly served others for your entire lifetime. It is now time to go public with your service.
I want our readers to understand the importance of gratitude. Joy and gratitude are similar vibrations. We vibrate at higher levels than humans thus, the “up here” and “on high” comments. We are in constant states of love, joy, and gratitude. You humans can raise your vibrations by choosing to think gratefully, to have conscious thoughts of gratitude. Remember that emotions have thoughts behind them. If you want to feel grateful, it is preceded by grateful thoughts. You don’t have to feel it first, you can create it. Choose to be grateful. Choose grateful thoughts.
Even if you think you can’t feel joy because of some belief you have about sadness, or being downtrodden, or heartbroken, or disabled, or broke, you can still choose your thoughts. If you think you can’t choose joy, then choose gratitude. Find one thing you can be grateful for and hold that grateful thought in your mind until you feel it. It will activate the emotion in your heart. Since gratitude and joy are similar vibrations, you will feel better. The vibration of gratitude tickles joy and helps activate it. This happens when you make the choice to think differently.
Choose to be grateful and you become joyful!