20141208 9:03 am Good morning, Jesus! I am ready to listen to your wisdom, especially around this Christmas season. I am preparing for the PEO Christmas Social as well as my studio Christmas recital and I would like to be in the most spiritual state of mind possible as I look at this enormous list of things to do for both events.

Connie, you are wise to sit down with me to get your heart and mind aligned. Being busy is not a bad thing; it is unavoidable. Being busy without purpose, though, is a waste of time. Take time to bless a job with a spiritual purpose, with the essence of why you are doing what you are doing. Working from a spiritual place brings clarity of vision and strength of character to the project. There is an added energy that comes from engaging your higher self as you embrace spiritual qualities because you are speaking the language of your soul.
Now your mind, heart and spirit are in alignment! You are channeling the energy of the Universe as you go about your daily tasks that are no longer chores because they become acts of joy as you express spiritual qualities in all that you do.
Back all of your projects with love: love of music, love of order, love of your students, love of beauty, love of the Christmas story, love of food, love of entertaining, love of your sisterhood, love of education, love of life, love of tradition, the list goes on and on. You are a love-filled being so let the love permeate your activities.
Love is the easiest word to describe this deeply joyful state of appreciation. If some of our readers feel that love is an overused word, we can substitute other equally powerful ideas: joy of music, tranquility of order, mentorship of your students, appreciation of beauty, power of the Christmas story, nourishment of food, sharing of entertaining, deep bonds of sisterhood, empowerment of education, strength of tradition, and so on. There are an abundance of Universal qualities you can use to energize your activities.
Learn to take a moment before you start a task to set your intention. Be intentional. Act in the present moment. Choose to be in alignment with Universal Truths. The eternal energy of the Truths will super-charge your life and power your activities.

Thank you for this timely and eternal advice. I will absolutely choose a spiritual principle to lift up every activity.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how efficient you become and how time will cease to be a problem.

Terrific! Because time appears to be very limited right now looking like a big fat problem.

Let that false belief of limitation go. It will keep you stuck in the human picture. Plug into the spiritual qualities that transcend the human illusion. Operate from this higher place of Universal Truths and your life is not dictated by the human clock. There is actually a sense of time being suspended as you stay engaged with your higher self working with the real principles that run the Universe.

Will do! I have seen this phenomenon in my life before. I shall let it work for me now. Thank you.

You are welcome, dear one. Share this with our readers that are most certainly experiencing a similar situation.

Yes, sir, I will post it this week.