Good morning, Jesus!

Good morning! It is a grand day in your world. The planetary place you are in with this full moon is one of new ideas and transformation. The consciousness is lifting to make way for change, deep, radical change. There are going to be larger divides clearly showing the realities of different kinds of thought. Divisive thinking creates division. Compassionate thinking creates coexistence.
If you are not in a place of compassion yet, choose acceptance. If you are not in a place of acceptance, choose non judgment. If you are not in a place of non judgment, choose forgiveness. If you are not in a place of forgiveness yet, choose to let go of negative thinking around whatever person/place/thing/idea/event is upsetting you. You can choose to release the thought and allow peace to reside in your heart and mind.
Then from a peaceful place you can take action. YOU can make a difference. If you see injustice, live a just life. If you see hatred, live a life of acceptance. If you see intolerance, live a life of tolerance. You can demonstrate the power of living in line, in resonance, with universal principles.

Is it ok to speak out against these things or do we make our statement by quietly living our lives?

People have different strengths to use in their experience. Some have the gift of oratory and can bring attention to injustice by speaking publicly. Think Martin Luther King. Before he was famous and had a national stage, he lived his life demonstrating his beliefs and preaching from his local pulpit. He lived and preached a life of peaceful change.
Think of someone you know that quietly lived their life helping others. They did it because it was the right thing to do and did not look for recognition. This could be the family next door, the lady at your school that volunteered, the successful business person that anonymously gave money to families in need, the person who went to the prison to bring hope, or your mom or dad who ran the Cub Scouts, went camping with the Brownies, coached and taught Sunday School.
Not everybody has to do everything to fix the world. You find your strengths and operate from there to help. Maybe you are wealthy so you can help by giving money to charity. Maybe you are a teacher and can help by educating young minds. Maybe you are a filmmaker and you help by making movies which bring in new ideas that expand thought. Maybe you have a strong faith and want to help by praying. Just know that what you do matters.
Let everyone know that they are a voice in the choir or an instrument in the symphony of the Universe. Let them know that they contribute to the whole, that they are heard and they make a difference.

Thank you.