7:00 am Meditate
7:20 am Good morning, Jesus!
Oops, the phone rang.
Oops, I saw Facebook.
Oops, I updated my calendar for 2 more events today.
8:11 am Here I am, finally listening!

You made it, Connie!

Yes, sir, I am here ready to learn and to share your teachings.

Be sure to accept people where they are. Everyone’s experience in life is different and to a different end. You have no idea what they came to the planet to learn. Therefore, you do not get to judge them.
If you want to help them, you may offer learning experiences to them. They may or may not choose to listen. You do not get to judge that, either. The only thing you get to judge is your own actions and reactions.
You are on your path and they are on theirs. You can choose to walk along side of each other as your paths come together for a time. You can love them, support them, encourage them, accept them, and release them from your expectations.
Be grateful for the people in your life. All of them.

Thank you for these wise words. It is a very important reminder to me to allow others to live their own lives. Being a teacher, I spend a lot of my time telling people what to do. I must remember to shut that down when I walk out of my studio. I so appreciate your teachings.

You are welcome, Connie. You keep showing up and I will keep teaching you.

8:48 am