There have been centuries of misinformation about God and Me that were developed for various reasons. What matters now is that we get back to the heart of The Message which is Love. 

– Jesus, 12/3/13

*All text in italics has been channeled through conversations with Jesus.

Site Purpose

This site is dedicated to getting my message out in this age. My message is one of acceptance, non-judgment, compassion, forgiveness, respect, unconditional love, and transformation. We must come together as children of the same Creator if we are to live in peace and harmony. It starts in the heart of each one of you. Choose peace. Choose acceptance, Choose forgiveness. It will create harmony, a resonance of peace, a vibration of love that will uplift everyone on the planet. Just as the rising tide raises all boats, your contribution to the swell of peace will raise all of humanity. 

What you think matters. What you do makes the world a better place. How you act and pray can change the course of human events. You matter! Your every thought can contribute to the betterment of mankind. Be part of the Goodness that can resurrect the human race. Be of a good mind and a clean heart so that you may help others see the Goodness in you. Show them that they have the same Goodness at their core. It is a choice you make every day: “ Do I choose the Goodness? Do I make an effort to BE the Goodness that is the Source of my being? “

The Goodness, the God-part, the Source, the Tao, the Quantum Field, the Divine Mind, the Principle of the Universe, the Truth, the Mindfulness, the Spirit, the Soul, the Light, the Love, is what you are made of. This Essence of All-That-Is is the very core of your being. It all is available to you every minute of every day in your world. Go deep inside yourself to find it. You can see it in others around you as they express their Goodness every day. You can also see the lack of it in the world. Either of these expressions can motivate you to find your Goodness deep within you. Choose to activate your Goodness and express it in the world.



Jesus of Nazareth, Son of God. Born in Bethlehem fully human. Lived a life of service to God and man. Human rights activist. Working especially in ancient times for the rights of women and children. Compassionate friend. Strove to judge no one. Healer. Teacher. Professional Pray-er. Lived to show the compassion of God, the Love of God, the fellowship of God, our Higher Power, our Source, our Goodness.

Currently resides in the Realm of Love and in the hearts of man.


Connie Kean

ConnieKean-WhatJesusToldMe-PictureOne of my messengers, Connie Kean, is a seeker of Truth. She has spent her life trying to understand God, worshipping God, questioning God, praising God, finding new ways to describe God, and arguing with God. This is where I found her, in a questioning state knowing that her study of traditional Christian religions had told her one thing and yet she was experiencing something different. Her biggest disbeliefs were about me; she couldn’t resolve what the church told her with what she knew to be true. This threw her into even deeper studies of the Scriptures and other sacred texts.

Connie and her family lived in Indonesia for almost 5 years where she experienced first hand the Muslim faith in every day life. While living in Asia, Connie studied Reiki attaining the level of Master. When she returned to the States, she continued her studies to include Christian religions with metaphysical interpretations of the Bible, A Course in Miracles, Buddhism and the Tao.

I knocked on Connie’s door for 20 years before she finally engaged me fully in conversation in October of 2013. Our What Jesus Told Me writings are the fruit of her life-long pursuit of Wisdom, Healing and Truth.

Gary Lynn Floyd

Gary Lynn Floyd is one of my musical messengers. He has spent his life loving Me and All Things Spiritual. It is his love for FatherMotherGod, for Me, and for his brothers and sisters on earth that have fueled his lifelong study of the Bible, of religions, of ways to worship, of metaphysics, of world thought, and his relentless search for The Way.

GaryLynnFloydHeadShotGary came to the planet with exceptional musical talents and he has used these gifts to spread the Good News and uplift the world with his music. It is Gary’s openness to the Divine Inspiration that fuels his endless supply of musical ideas, creates his powerful lyrics, is the source of his transcendent improvisations and is the Light that Shines through his performances. It takes a lifetime of dedication and focused discipline to one’s craft to achieve the level of mastery that Gary has attained with his music.

The fruit of Gary’s labors of love for God and man are evident in his brilliant musical contributions to our work here. Let the magic and majesty of his inspired music help guide you to the Realm of Love.

Gary’s Earthly Bio:
Gary is a singer/songwriter originally from Houston, Texas. He has quickly become one of the prominent voices in New Thought music on the West Coast. His song, “Unbound” was recently named the theme song for the Global Women’s Empowerment Network. He was nominated for three 2010 Out Music Awards for his critically acclaimed EP, The Gospel of Zen, and was featured on the CW Network television series, TroubadourTx, a music documentary featuring Texas singer/songwriters. He recently recorded his new CD, Body & Soul, with award winning producer Doug LeBow, which was released in early spring 2014.

Gary is also an award winning actor. His theatrical credits include Next To Normal, Grey Gardens, AIDA, Crimes of the Heart, The Big Bang, and Pumpboys & Dinettes. To find out more about Gary, visit his website at www.garylynnfloyd.com.

Meet Connie & Gary