Sit quietly in a comfortable place. Let your body sink into the seat. Very slowly, take a deep breath in. Hold that breath at the top of your lungs. Let it slowly out with the intent of releasing stress from your body as you exhale. The next breath in will be more deliberate. Feel your lungs expand as you ever so slowly bring the oxygen into them. Let the oxygen light up your body while you hold your breath at the top for several beats. Let out the carbon dioxide, the left overs of the oxygenation process, out of your body as if you are letting bath water out of the tub. The breath has come in to start the oxygenation process in your body. The breath goes out to complete the cycle. Feel the happiness in your body all the way down to the cellular level as it receives the oxygen that keeps it alive. Feel the release of CO2, of toxins, of stress as you let go of what your body no longer uses.
By this time you are in the silence. You have aligned your body, mind and spirit by watching your breath. Continue to fully breathe in and out in a rhythmic fashion that keeps your body fed, relaxed, and releasing the worries of the world. Feel yourself get lighter and lighter. Perhaps you are more aware of your heartcenter now. Feel your connection with the spirit realm that communicates with you from your heartcenter. A connection to our realm can also be felt through your throat, your forehead, and on up out of the top of your head.
Each of these areas has a chakra in it. Breathe into the 4th chakra that is located in the heartcenter of your chest. Feel the activation of the chakra as your attention is focused on that area. Upon your exhale, just stay there in the silence. Breathe in again to your heart chakra. Suspend breathing while at the top of your inhale. Sit quietly with your lungs fully expanded. Release your breath little by little. Relax.
Move your focus to the 5th chakra that is in your throat area. Focus your breath on coming into the throat. Keep your awareness on activating the 5th chakra as your body enjoys the breath moving in and out of your flexible, happy lungs. Feel the activity in your throat as your chakra spins purposefully gathering information from the universe specifically for you and sending out information from you to the Universe. Listen.
Breathe into your head filling it with air like a balloon. Keep your breath full and floating. Gently let it out like a balloon with a slow leak releasing old, pent up ideas. You might have an awareness of the thoughts as they flow out of you. You might not. Fully inflate your lungs and your head with a fresh breath. Bring your awareness to your 6th chakra, the third eye, just above the center of your brow in your lower forehead. Let it spin freely in your head. Exhale slowly. There might be images. There might not. Stay here for another full, slow breath.
This time take your breath right up to the top of your head where your 7th chakra is located. Let it spin freely at the top of your head. You might see colors. You might not. Exhale slowly still feeling the activity. Your scalp might tingle. It might not. Breathe in. Focus your awareness on the top of your head. You may feel light and buoyant.
Feel the fullness of your upper body as it fills with air. Stay inflated. Release your breath slowly and intentionally. As you fill your lungs again be aware of the connection from your heart chakra all the way up to your crown chakra. The air opens all the passageways in your chest, your throat, your neck, your mouth, your sinuses, your ears, your eyes, and your brain. Release the air consciously allowing all of these passageways to stay open and connected. As you breathe in again sweeping the air in and through your upper 4 chakras feel them working in unison. Be aware of them all humming along working together for your highest good. Be here. Even as you exhale, feel the harmony of their togetherness in your body.
By this time all 7 of your chakras will be activated. With each inhalation feel the Goodness and Light filling your body. With each exhalation, gently allow any darkness or blockages to leave. Let your body release anything that no longer serves you. Fill that space with Light and the Truth of who you are. Feel yourself spinning along in harmony with the Universe.
Be here. This is who you are.