What Jesus Told Me:

It is a good day when we can join forces to help your world. Keep these times coming so that all may benefit from the wisdom that comes from ‘on high’. We are joyful when you feel joy and we are compassionate when you feel sorrow. Remember that all of you are Love at your core. You are made of the same stuff we are made of, Love. Find your core, connect with it, spend time there and you will be with us as your higher self, your inner self, the aspect of Love that is you.

You must get quiet to join us. Breathe deeply right into your heart. Bypass your head and go right to your heart. Your lungs surround your heart. Nourish your heart with the oxygen from your lungs. Let your lungs as an organ hug and massage your heart. Let it feel surrounded by the life force that the oxygen brings.

Let your heart open wide to receive the light.  It might come in directly to your heart or it might come in through the top of your head down past your eyes, through your throat into your heart. Breathe it in, slowly allowing it to penetrate your being.  Feel your heart expand. It is your heartcenter, not just the organ that is your heart. There is no limit to how your much your heartcenter can grow and expand.

Listen. Don’t speak or try to understand it. Be there. Be in the silence. The information is non-verbal. Allow yourself to be there filled with love and surrounded by Love. Let your body drop away. Let your troubles drop away. Be in the moment of peace. Feel that peace over come you. Let it radiate outwards.

Allow yourself to rest in the peace.  Keep breathing. Breathe in the light.  Let the light penetrate your Being.

Your senses could be activated. You might see colors, feel your skin tingle, hear celestial voices or music, smell floral scents, or have a lovely taste in your mouth. Let those happen with no thought; just experience them as part of your union with the realm of Love. It is a way for your sensory aspect to participate in this event.

Stay here for as long as you can to feed your soul the food it really desires.  Honor its connection with the realm of Love and allow it to drink of the cool waters of Eternal Love.

Come back gently. Breathe in deeply one last time. Breathe in a couple times with the intention of bringing your concentration back to the planet, back to your body.  Feel yourself reorient in your body. Open your eyes when you are ready. Don’t rush the opening your eyes part.  Just feel yourself first.  Feel that you are lighter, more aware, together.  Bring that connection with you in your day. Feel the warmth of the Love in your heartcenter. Let it radiate outwards into your life. Be calm.

Be grateful.

Be peaceful.


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