What Jesus Told Me

Let us unite. Let us learn from forgiveness. Let us facilitate a transformation of the human heart. That is, an enormous shift from thinking with the head full of ingrained, unquestioned belief systems to acting from the heartcenter with your core of Goodness in charge.

It is a shift that takes time and practice to achieve. You humans have to stay in your heads so much to “do your work” that you forget to check in with your heartcenter. It is something you all have from birth that gets covered up by the busyness of living. If you have been out of touch with yours, you will find it in the silence. Go there now.

Take a deep breath. Feel it go in. Let it go out. Do that again. Watch your breath fill your lungs. Watch it deflate your lungs. Breathe in a third time, deeper. Gently let it out. Feel your neck release with the exhale. Be aware of your upper body relaxing as your breathe in again. Hold it this time. Then let it out. Can you feel your breath slowing down? Your whole system is calming down. Breathe in slowly and deliberately expanding your lungs to their full capacity. Hold the life force of air in there fully inflated. Then slowly, consciously, very controlled let the air empty from your lungs. Notice how much more air is entering into your chest. Feel the expansion with each intake. Fill your body with the life giving oxygen that feeds every one of your cells. Release the carbon dioxide, the toxins, the stuff your body does not need. Breathe in slowly, hold your breath at the top of the breath feeling the full expansion, gently let it out in a controlled manner. Then let your lungs stay empty for a beat before you start the process over again.

Notice that all you have been thinking about is breathing. You have completely engaged your mind, your body and your soul in the same activity. Notice how relaxed you feel. Notice that your focus is now on your heartcenter, not your brain or your body. Spend a few minutes here to listen. Listen to your heartbeat. Listen to your breath, now more shallow. Listen to the sound the air makes as it whistles though your nose. Now, Be. Just be in this relaxed state. This is the silence.

The silence is only ever one breath away.

It is from here you are in contact with the Realm of Love.